Al-Qaida and KBG

It seems that anyone or nay entity that questions our dear President comes under scrutiny and is investigated as if they are criminals. It is interesting that everything that is right is wrong and that which is wrong is right. What can we do about it? Nothing most people say. Sounds like the Middle East or Russia when Communism was in power.

Many of us watch FOX news and for this, they are the subject of investigation of the Department of Justice. Like there are no crimes committed or criminals to stop, right?

We need to write, call, and have large non-violent protests to all legs of the governments. That means each local, state and the federal government. They must hear the citizens roar for this great nation.

“We the People” will not put up with anyone being muzzled that stands up and voices what they believe should be done to stop a government that is bound to put a stop to our Constitution and Democracy.

Are you with me Citizens? If so call our representatives and let them know that the United States Citizens will not put up with a government that is hell bent on becoming a Communist entity nor will we give up our freedoms. The people must stand up and be counted. We cannot allow anyone to tell us how we must live, who we can vote for, nor speak up against the way the government is being run.

One day the USA could be no more if we do not put a stop to the harassment of the DOJ, the President, and those in Congress who have sold their souls to the devil.

I offer this suggestion, send a letter email or telephone FOX News and their reporter. Tell FOX we support them and will stand with them for trying to be the most unbiased news stations in the country.

Ida Temple


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom