An Obamination

Since it’s creation in 1825, Fairfield Township has been home to local, state, and federal elections. And now, after decades of going to the Township’ Building to cast ballots residents’ are told to travel to the neighboring municipality. I guess there is nowhere we can vote in Fairfield Township and especially not in a central location. A recent letter from the County Commissioners states the Fairfield Township Precinct has been “permanently relocated” to the Lycoming Valley Baptist Church in Upper Fairfield Township. When I called the Voters Registration to inquire as to why the move to the neighboring Township I was told they had heard people had to stand in line in the rain during the last election besides, had I seen the inside of the church, it’s really spacious and nice.

Guess what, after hundreds of years of voters possibly getting their hair wet during a bellwether election this is a life-saver. And now, we get to drive 20 minutes or longer to the vote. And who cares about democracy we’ve been told by executive order. And forget about separation of church and state, rather than decrease the use of religious buildings for government functions why not increase. It’s a new day when the government can tax and regulate the hide right off my back but worries if I keep my hair dry.

William L. Harris


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom