Appalled at advice

In regard to George Lockett’s letter “Way off base,” which appeared in the May 19, 2013 edition of the Sun- Gazette, I was appalled at his advice to the letter writer to mend her wayward ways and keep her legs closed.

This in itself is misogynist in tone–not to mention demeaning and judgmental. His remarks also remove male accountability.

Doctor Gosnell is the reason why safe, legal abortions are necessary. If the laws guaranteeing safe, legal abortions were not in place, there would be more like him.

I would say that keeping one’s legs closed would be difficult to do in cases of rape and incest.

As to the letter writer mending her wayward ways and answering to her higher power, I suggest Mr. Lockett let God do his job.

Karen Choate-Bassett


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom