The depravity of leftist ideology is on display in the Kermit Gosnell trial. Some on the left are defending him by using typical leftist tactics of diverting attention from his horrific acts by claiming the charges are based on bias against him because of his race. This is absurd considering the majority of the victims of his horrific acts are of his same race. His actions have resulted in the deaths of adults and the brutal killing of living infants. The left likes to verbalize their compassion for human life, but their worship of one of the cornerstones of their faith, abortion, is much more important to them than human life.

The Left’s lack of respect for human life is not surprising considering the root of leftist ideology is atheism, which is a false premise and easily discredited. If life could not have originated from non-living matter, there must be a creator. If there is a creator, atheism is a false belief system. Scientific evidence for the cell confirms atheism is a false belief system.

DNA, the information required to construct the cell, could not have originated from non-living matter. The source of information is intelligence. The existence of the simplest cell requires all parts are present and in the right order at the same time. The cell’s DNA is required to make the cell’s protein, which makes the cell’s DNA. Scientists know this eliminates a naturalistic answer for the origin of life. Instead admitting this, scientists say they don’t know how life originated, allowing them to avoid the obvious a creator.

Ted Mahaffey


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