Let’s be honest and separate the illegal acts from the legal acts when it comes to the Dr. Gosnell trial. As far as the anti-choice people are concerned, all abortion is wrong and therefore illegal. So the question as to when life begins from these people is pointless because they will only accept one answer, at conception.

Poor women, mostly black and immigrant, sought out Dr. Gosnell, often waiting late into a pregnancy for an abortion because it takes time for someone who is poor to raise the funds for an abortion and it did not deter them in their quest to end the pregnancy.

You can place as many bans against abortion as you can think of but when a woman does not want to go through a pregnancy for whatever reason she will find a way to end it. How in a state with some of the toughest abortion laws did state health regulators not see what was going on?

The catch is that the women who sought out Dr. Gosnell are the very same women the right vilifies as ‘Welfare Queens’ and breeders of more welfare recipients. They demand that cuts be made to programs designed for this group and their offspring. They cut welfare and food stamps and women’s centers, contraception services, work programs, child care, shelter, drug abuse programs. They cut funds for education and job training. They cut funds for senior programs. They cut funds for medical care for them and their children.

The anti-choice people claim that liberal ideals make Dr. Gosnell possible. Conservative cuts and bans make Dr. Gosnell possible.

A state government unwilling to regulate makes Dr. Gosnell possible.

Charles M. Reeder


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom