Culture conflict

The culture conflict that occurred when the local government proposed that criminal justice officials would occupy Mater Del La Rosa Catholic Church was bound to happen. Williamsport’s crime problem rears it’s ugly head. Every city and town has crime.

Who thought to put the criminal justice authorities in the churches? It’s not the worst idea. They probably would have respected it intensely. Who knows? Maybe all the Catholics that gathered to protest should meet up with these minor offenders and share their stories with each other. The Catholics can reach out to those kids who are confused.

There are a great many people who already volunteer. It’s the state of Pennsylvania that deals with the adults and higher level crime. These institutions all have functions and we need to look at them without hysteria. Personally, I think that area in general is a convenient place and it could do some good for the city if offices were established there.

Michael Shulski


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom