Easy improvement

The state road financing can be easily improved by eliminating prevailing wages and making the state a right to work. Neither party will do anything that might make the small minority of union members unhappy.

Gov. Ridge tried to eliminate prevailing wages and his Republican party members defeated it.. Your former mayor. (I think he had and Italian name) went to Harrisburg and came back one day and gave a talk on the Harrisburg problems, which the newspaper reported. (You should reprint your article).

Pennsylvania is in the bottom five states for industrial/business growth, the top five state for workmans comp, the top five states for unemployment compensation, the bottom five states for working age people growth.

However, with school student population declining it is good for us retireees – no new featherbedding prevailing wage construction is really needed. So, eliminate the extremes that of minority union mind thinking and you can stop feeling sorry for yourself. Fat chance. Harrisburg lacks the guts w=hether it be either party. We, the vast majority, must pay instead.

Thomas T. Taber


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom