Fair share and roads

I have two things to talk about.

First, someone please tell me why the YMCA can have all of the funds to build a new one and the YWCA couldn’t even get enough money to save their heated pool. So many people benefited from it for their health and well being.

Also, the YWCA helps so many women in crisis. There is so many programs they do for everyone, but it seems they just don’t get their fair share of money. C’mon now, let’s do something for the YWCA.

Second, PennDOT is real busy, I know, but they are always doing something else and not the state road on Sylvan Dell. Wow, try riding down that road and you shake yourself to death.

The road needs major work done. Its berms are so chewed up, it’s getting more narrow every day.

Big rigs travel that road and all of the residents. Come on PennDOT, check it out. Take a ride down the Dell, you’ll see what I mean!

Donna J. Lambert

South Williamsport