Get to lawmakers

This letter is written on behalf of the Wyalusing Area School District Board of Directors, and the purpose is to encourage all Pennsylvania voters to in turn encourage their legislators to address the public employee pension plan bills during the current legislative session and not kick the can down the road for future years. Doing nothing to address the $47 billion debt is unacceptable.

We realize legislators’ pensions are up for discussion too, but that is no reason to avoid the discussion.

We do not have the answer to the problem, but as the solution is developed, I encourage legislators to “grandfather” retired public employees and those who are currently paying into the system.

The new formula should apply to new hires and the sooner the better.

Our legislative representatives were elected to solve problems, not postpone or ignore them.

It is unfair to place this burden on our local taxpayers.

Time is of the essence; our children and grandchildren are counting on us to solve this problem.

Please act today; contact your legislators!

Chester Mummau


Wyalusing Area School District


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom