Gun control

Lately in the news we’ve seen stories of young people in schools being expelled, suspended, and even arrested for pointing fingers, shaping paper or Pop-Tarts into the form of an “L” or even throwing pretend grenades. Now when these schools have been challenged on these very odd decisions, most have reconsidered and reversed their decision.

But the question I have is where these rules and regulations are coming from? Of course it’s the Department of Education and the Teachers Union.

This is nothing more than early conditioning of our children to fear guns.

Who will fight for the Second Amendment when the public has been brought up with a kind of “Pavlov’s Dog” syndrome? See a gun, fear it, and report it to the State.

It’s a very simple answer to the “problem” of an armed populace. If this is happening in our schools my question is “why are we putting up with this?”

Do you, the ones with school age children, go to school board meetings and question the officers? I hope so.

To answer the obvious question, no I don’t and didn’t go to board meetings because no one was trying to subvert the Constitution back then.

We are fortunate to live outside the larger cities, where school violence is more prevalent. As one who was brought up to respect and enjoy both hunting and target shooting, please, if you respect your right to own firearms, teach your kids the same.

They will need that knowledge to survive in an increasingly dangerous world.

Gregory Weigle

South Williamsport

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom