Guns under siege

From the president on down through his Democratic supporters, all are determined to make firearm use and ownership as rare as possible.

The president’s obvious goal is to eliminate gun ownership history.

How else can he become dictator?

The term “gun violence” is repeatedly used as a means to denigrate firearm ownership, rather than to talk about the second word in the phrase “violence.”

I was born in 1934, grew up during World War II and in the Great Era which followed the war.

Guns were an accepted way of life. I slung a target rifle over my shoulder and walked down Market Street to Junior Rifle Club and was greeted in a friendly manner by the police.

Our high school principal was known as a bear hunter.

We had guns without violence because society then was not a violent society. Today, we have a violent society which uses guns for their violence.

President Obama, with his progressive and Democrat allies, are unconcerned about violence, the second of a two-word phrase: “gun violence,” but talk only about the first word of the phrase: “guns.”

Unfortunately, many of the letter writers make the same mistake.

They are failing to recognize violence as the problem, and instead choose to inaccurately emphasize guns as the problem.

Phillip G. Miller