Have faith

While I agree with Mr. Mannello’s article about climate change because of heat-trapping carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, our options are few. Several other nations are far greater releasers of carbon dioxide than we are, and, as developing nations, have strong incentives to continue, and even increase such actions into the future.

Of the 35 gigatons of carbon dioxide emitted around the world this year, U.S. emissions were less than six. And, if we were to choose to drive up our energy costs to cut those relatively low emissions, developing nations, such as China and India, would be glad to take over our remaining manufacturing jobs.

President Obama is pushing a range of policies whose costs outweigh results. His corporate average fuel economy ( CAFE ) standards, doubling average auto fuel economy standards by 2025, will, by government analysis, result in the total atmospheric carbon concentrations predicted for January 2040 being delayed until —- February 2040.

The EPA regulation (Utility MACT) aimed at shutting down old coal-burning power plants is projected to reduce our yearly emissions by 0.015 gigatons-less than three one-thousandths of U.S. totals.

While global warming is bound to create challenges for civilization in the future, I have enough faith in mankind to believe that we will find a way to get through this challenge as we have others in the past.

Eugene H. Sellers

Trout Run

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom