Here we go again

Here we go again! It’s Deja Vu all over again with the drunken sailors at the helm of the Jersey Shore Area School District! I hear they are considering raising taxes about the Act 1 level again!

First, I don’t know if they had the same bean counter as when they were taken to court for the first Act 1 trial but she should have been put out to pasture after she testified that even though they knew they were ‘deficit spending we continued with our building plans.”

Second, I’m not an accountant but am willing to offer the Mensa members on the board an accounting lesson! Income in = income out. I’ll explain for the board and administration. When you have spent what you have received, you stop spending!

See how easy that was? Also in fairness the original judge who granted their first Christmas Wish Tax Increase (about 22 percent) should be held responsible. He emboldened them to continue their careless spending!

Michael Gohrig


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom