Imposing beliefs

In response to Melissa Brown’s letter printed on 5/13/13, I’m compelled to say this:

As a Christian, I’m convinced you’ll answer to God for your abortions and so will our nation as a whole for allowing them.

But I won’t stop you from getting one. You’re right: none of us should use civil law to impose our beliefs on others.

However, granting the right to have an abortion is one thing; forcing the entire working population to support it is another.

Because I’m convinced (by modern science, not simply the Bible) that abortion is murder, I don’t want any of my hard-earned money to pay for even one abortion.

You want an abortion? Pay for it yourself. If you believe in the myth of “choice” that much, underwrite somebody else’s. But it must stop being paid for by tax dollars.

That’s called “taxation without representation”.

Gosnell is not the only abortionist killing aborted babies who are born alive.

Steve Losee


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom