Misguided acceptance

On April 24, 2013, I learned on the Fox News that a girl had to remove her support our troop’s tee shirt. She wore it because her father is in the military and the Middle East. Why does it seem that our constitutional government has abandoned the constitution and appears to be more dictatorial?

I realize that there could be a chance that once a student is allowed to wear a worded tee shirt then it could lead to offensive, language.

Class, sensitivity, manners, and compassion seem to be the lost words and actions with many generations. Today the things that seem to be acceptable are hatred, violence, bigotry, bad language and behavior. Why?

As I watch many of the younger generations, it seems that their parents fail to recognize that their child is not behaving with manners or that they use foul language. Could it be because parents are so busy with their own lives, or that they believe that as parents and adults they can behave as they wish, but the child must not? Guess they never watched or listened to their children as they copied what they saw and heard from all adults!

Has good behavior, compassion, and understanding been gone since I was a child some eighty plus years ago?

I remember when the 60’s became the “You’re Okay, I’m Okay”, generation. I felt that way, too. However, it was not long before I realized that bad behavior was not acceptable.

When we become so callous and filled with anger and hate and do whatever we wish, then we have all lost. This must never be the acceptable behavior today or ever.

For those who behave as the aforementioned they will end up alone, friendless, and become an enemy to many. Moreover, these same young people, (like those who shot up the Boston Marathon) will be taken over by a dictatorial government, (easily led, maybe?) and will have to do as they are told or else face the consequences. In addition, as in most domineering/communistic countries, the consequence could be torture, long years in a solitary cell, or death.

Ida Temple


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom