Newberry Fires

Not again!! A while back when the 2 homes burned at the corner of Ridge Avenue and Fourth Street here in Newberry, I watched with amazement as the fire hydrant just across the street from these homes did not have enough pressure to fight this fire. I watched as the fireman laid down the hose because it was useless.

And they in turn had to run hoses from another hydrant as they also needed to do with this recent fire. I also watched as apparent leaks or faulty connections in the fire equipment caused gallons and gallons of water to flow down the street and not on to the fire. Anyone who knows the basics of hydraulics knows if there is a leak in a system, you do not have proper pressure at the end of the system.

Now, with this latest fire, we are hearing that perhaps the entire water system in this area may be deficient and not able the handle the pressure of the equipment attached to it. Great, it is scheduled to be replaced in 2015, what happens if another fire occurs between now and then?

Would there have been less damage to both of these fires if proper water supply & pressure was available?

My home is on Grand Street, which is 1 block north of the earlier fires and 1 block south of the recent fire. I would like to have the thought in my mind that this entire area is covered by sufficient fire protection. But you have to wonder. Let’s hope that myself or someone else in this area does not have to experience the answers to this anytime soon!

William Sober Jr.


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom