Nice feature

What a nice feature regarding Law Day! Did you know that the Lycoming Law Association and the Lycoming County Paralegal Association have been sponsoring Law Day for the past 13 years? I know firsthand the time commitment that the judges, lawyers, and paralegals in our area put into making sure the Essay and Art Contest are a success they begin preparations months in advance with letters to every teacher in Lycoming County soliciting entries from their students.

Mock Trial is an event in itself; teams of high school kids with parent/teacher and often attorney advisors spend great amounts of time preparing themselves for “trial” and move up through the competition ranks against teams all over their region, often out of county.

Lawyers from Lycoming and other counties are involved, as well as judges from both county and federal courts.

This year at Law Day we also heard about a grant the Lycoming Law Association Foundation gave to West Branch School to enable their older students to take a trip to Washington, D.C., to learn about the branches of government and visit the Capitol Building, among other landmarks.

Our Bench and Bar, and our Paralegals in Lycoming County, are fully committed to this Community, and particularly to our youth. I have watched Law Day, Mock Trial and many other events occur over many years, and when I hear attorneys getting “a bad rap,” I want to remind people we are lucky to live in an area where our legal community is so honorable.

Jessica A. Engel

Executive Director

Lycoming Law Association

Lycoming Law Association Foundation