Nonsensical bill

I read today, with dismay, another front page story concerning Rep. Daryl Metcalfe’s nonsensical Defense of the 2nd amendment bill. For a man who claims to be such an expert on the constitution, he demonstrates a staggering lack of knowledge of the fact that state nullification laws have been declared unconstitutional for more than 150 years. Even back in 1854 when the Wisconsin Supreme court tried to declare the evil Fugitive Slave Act unconstitutional the federal court overruled them thus enabling the settling of the matter by the Civil War itself.

Even more disappointing is the fact that Rep Mirabito has signed on to this travesty which, as a lawyer, he must be aware of the history of nullification laws. This is the weakest form of pandering. Mirabito must know that this bill had little chance of being passed, let alone enforced. So, politically he has nothing to lose. This is shameful behavior. If Mr. Metcalfe wishes to prove that he is such a tough guy, standing up to the intrusive federal authority, why not do something like the senator from his own party Sen. Toomey and try and do something to keep firearms from falling into the hands of the mentally unstable and criminals who intend to violate the citizens right to life itself.

Russell Gula


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom