Not invincible

This concerns the complaints made against Rep-D Rick Mirabito, by the Visitors Bureau and the Williamsport/Lycoming Chamber of Commerce in a recent editorial. Front page headlines in the same edition of the Sun-Gazette read: “With gas production up, experts debate taxes,” Other leading oil and gas producing states charge a severance tax fee on how much gas is produced. Thanks to our governor and our leaders in Pennsylvania, they chose to charge an impact fee on every gas well drilled, regardless of how much it produced. We are losing money with this deal and everyone knows it.

This was a fear factor decision made out of fear, gas companies would choose to operate in West Virginia, Ohio and New York instead of Pennsylvania. Concerning this and all the different subjects mentioned in your editorial such as hotel taxes, meeting and the privatization of liquor operations were all used to degrade Rep. Rick Mirabito. Are you and you alone the only people who know anything? Look at the broken homes and DUI arrests and deaths that are attributed to alcohol. Should we be able to load our grocery carts with booze instead of groceries? Should a family drive into a Dairy Queen for milkshakes for the children and a beer or a mixed drink for Mom and Dad? This seems to be the normal mentality to today’s world.

Rep. Rick Mirabito has a right to voice his own opinions on any subject. The newspapers are not only read by school students, they are read by thousands who have been around the block a few more times than anyone connected with running our city and state government. So don’t sell yourself on the idea that any of you are invincible.

Weldon C. Cohick Jr.