Obama: A rebound

Wow! It sure has been a bad week for the Obama administration. The only way it could’ve been better for the GOP is if Tim Tebow replaced Peyton Manning as starting QB for the Broncos. In fact, after all these scandals, I was waiting for George W. Bush to unzip the, five-years worn Obama costume.

But hey, the IRS auditing idiot Tea Party groups and tapping journalists’ phones? Not the “Hope and Change” I voted for twice. Notice how I don’t mention Benghazi. Because, one thing that is more inexcusable than four Americans killed in a volatile, overseas region, is 3,000 People murdered in New York, Washington D.C., and Shanksville. Who presided over that? Jimmy Carter?

However, I do not regret my votes. Why? It’s because of the sad state that is American politics.

See, President Obama did not win because he is a great president. He’s what the dating world calls, a “rebound”. A rebirth from the eight years of bible thumping, anti-science, faith-based absurdities, the U.S. had to put up with under “dubbya”. Like, whomever Rihanna dates after Chris Brown.

Sadly, as a rational person, I’m forced to accept the typical D.C. corruption and political back-slapping (Obama) in order to prevent the cast from “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” running the cabinet (Reagan/Bush/Romney).

I admit, Obama has been a subpar President. But the one election-winning formula he has is he is not a nutcase. It used to be that unadulterated public servants protected the people from corrupt officials. Now, sadly, corrupt officials have to protect us from Michelle Bachmann.

So, basically, the GOP needs to stop being a bunch of unintellectual imbeciles, bar-stool preachers, and Tebow fans, in order to preclude the same ole politics we see today. Stop, labeling gay marriage as a sin, abortion as evil, and melting glaciers as propaganda. Then, we can have a conversation. Until then, I think i’ll date Chris Brown.

Michael Sullivan


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom