I would like to be mayor of South Williamsport for one week. I would soon have codes out in force for all of the broken, uneven sidewalks. You can’t walk a block without almost tripping and falling. I love to walk Southern Avenue, Howard Street, Mountain Avenue and back but between the sidewalks and the dog droppings it’s a very unpleasant walk. Going down Market Street you wouldn’t believe the trucks and cars speeding by, not only if the winds are blowing, the air from the speeders are worse than the wind.

They come so fast off the Market Street Bridge that when I’m driving and get the green light on Southern Avenue, I always wait to see if all get sopped by the red. Oh, well enough about bad sidewalks and speeders, let’s all pray for all of the heroes and victims of all the disasters.

Donna J. Lambert

South Williamsport