Support Bill of Rights

There have been a couple letters printed here about why the latest gun ban bill failed in the senate. Have you considered that there may be Senators who believe in the Bill of Rights?

One claimed it is all about money that the NRA receives from firearm manufactures. The fact is, the NRA gets only about 4 percent of its funds from firearm manufactures. The bulk of their funds come from members who enjoy shooting, and support the 2nd Amendment.

And in response to the letter concerning banning of ammo magazines, have you ever had intruders in your home at 3 a.m.? You can bet that they came prepared and armed, and they could care less what new law you pass.

And we all know that banning something does not stop it’s use. The war on drugs proves that. Criminals by their vary definition, do not obey laws. That is why the signs posted various places.. “no firearms permitted”, or ” gun free zone”… really only serve to put law abiding citizens at the mercy of criminals and the insane.

If the argument for more gun laws is valid then the city of Chicago would be one of the safest in the nation, and a NRA convention, or gun show would be the most dangerous place you could be.

Support your Bill of Rights, and vote against any politician who violates them….any of them.

Jay Frey


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom