Taking our guns seriously

As a gun owner and enthusiast I find it troubling to hear people say that you can kill just as easily with knives and stones so “why not take away or make illegal knives and stones?”

But, if I recall, there was a guy in Texas a few weeks ago who stabbed fourteen people on a college campus yet didn’t kill anyone with his knife.

So, isn’t it demeaning to gun owners that our weapons are placed in the same category as crude instruments?

When I go out target shooting I like to believe that I have a very powerful instrument in my hands, not one on the same order as a rope, knife, stones, or even one’s own hands.

That’s what gives me the thrill about having a gun.

Otherwise, why have guns if any other weapon is just as effective or powerful?

It is true that guns don’t kill people, people kill people. BUT guns sure make it easier to kill people or to injure people as well as animals.

That notion is dismissed in the gun debate even though it’s one that gun owners should be proud of, if they’re honest with themselves. That’s why we get excited by the mere sight of a gun vs. a slingshot.

In other words, it’s the potential power, stupid, to paraphrase a former presidential campaign slogan.

Richard Sahn

Cogan Station

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom