Tears and style

I am writing in response to the Shouts of ‘save our church’ article on May 16. 2013 written by Mark Maroney.

This is how the closings of both Holy Rosary Catholic Church and Ascension Churches were viewed by most of the parishioners. Amid the tears, with hearts full of memories of school, graduations, weddings, baptisms, and deaths they reached deep and found style and acceptance of our changing times.

We were frequently reminded by our priest, Father. Charles Cummings, that the Church is not the building, not the memories, but rather the people are the Church. Our memories go with us wherever we go.

Many of us attended the same meetings as Mater Dolorosa ( MD ) attended. Father. Shane Kirby chaired the meetings. He addressed all problems. There were core, cluster and implementation groups before the general meetings where we listened and were listened to. We argued, debated and tried our best to keep our Churches open knowing full well how impossible if would be for our priests. Concerns that could be addressed were done so before the planned move.

Holy Rosary ( HR ) members had already left their beloved Church and joined Ascension. They were an exemplary model to follow. When the date came to close HR, the priests handled the move with holiness and gentleness. Many tears were shed, but the style was always there.

When the dates were set for Ascension and for MD, some had more reluctance than others to become part of St. Joseph, the Worker ( SJW ), but gradually we are all healing. Some may have gone to other Churches in the area, but the parishioners of Annunciation have been very accepting and helpful to those of us who chose to join them. Their Church was changing as well.

The priests who were assigned to SJW, Father. Brian Van Fossen and Father. David Bechtel are still extremely busy between the school and the Church but they are offering us programs that strengthen and complement our beliefs. We recently had a mission that was incredibly beautiful and was attended by 200 to 300 people each of the 4 evenings.

It is my belief that we all could have reacted the way some have chosen, but to what avail? The reality is that all appeals have been reviewed and exhausted. As for the day reporting center mentioned in yesterdays’ article, ‘save our church’, I turn to Matthew’s Gospel Mt. 24: 31 36. The well known “Whatever you did for me, you did for the least of my brothers.” Jesus spent his time on earth rehabilitating the likes of all of us. What better use?

It is time to come together in unity and love during this “Year of Faith.”

Claire Caputo

South Williamsport

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom