The Golden Rule

I’d like to comment first about the coal industry crackdown and second about the sad tragedy in West, TX. I and the Texas investigators don’t know the facts, but I googled the OSHA site and clicked and was amazed that a potentially hazardous facility doesn’t or rather isn’t required to hire security guards to monitor and protect such a plant.

I noticed a fire brigade on site was mandatory and the extensive list of regulations occasionally mentioned an attendant for the permit required areas of such plants but not specifically security guards to protect the plant and it’s workers from unwelcomed intruders from entering.

Concerning the Keystone Pipeline, it is inevitable that the oil sands from Canada are to be shipped out of there, they won’t likely traverse the picturesque landscape of western Canada and the affected U.S.A. states are ok with it now for the most part.

Trains are too dangerous for its shipping method so the pipeline is the most reliable method, granted it must be done safely and correctly and all workers should be drug tested constantly on that project as with our own pipeline construction.

If you hate mining so much stop buying diamonds and gold just for the bling, huh? If we allow this dirty oil sand pipeline to impede our landscapes for centuries then you have to stop complaining of our salty acid rain hurting your trees.

Our Golden Rule here in America isn’t your neighbor’s loss/gain, now is it?

John Nile Updegraff


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom