The Prison Society

This so called Society, is nothing more than a group of people, whom do not care about the group of law abiding citizens, who where victimized in some respect.

These people who operate this so called Prison Society, have no conception of what these persons who are incarcerated, are not choir boy and girls, the are not law abiding citizens.

I have spent over 20 years working as a Correctional a officer within the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. I have seen many different inmates come and go. I have read transcripts of cases and read Court documents of what these people where found guilty of. It is completely unrealistic, for anyone to care for these people.

One example of what is, or was, behind bars was a man who was incarcerated for raping a Nun. This person could not talk, or hear. He was sent to prison for this. He served time and was released, because of good behavior. The man went back to the place where this Nun was living and this time killed her. This was not all that he did to this innocent lady, who forgave him and prayed for his soul. He gutted this Nun, then he ejaculated over this Nun.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania deemed this man as a sexual predator and handicapped. The State believes that he needs to be protected and placed him in a special inmate housing unit. The Prison Society wants to make live behind bars a better place for him! The positive outcome for this case, is keep this person out of Society forever. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania does treat inmates as people, not a the Prison Society would like to have everyone believe.

They go way to far. They pay the inmates to do nothing but laying in bed. Provide them teachers and school to get their GED’s. Allow them to go to the store, within the Prison, each week. Provide three meals a day for the incarcerated felons’. Let them have TV’s, radio’s and clean cloths. The State provides all Medical needs of these people.

These people care more about the killers than the poor victims’ and their families. They want you to believe they do good, but they do it for their own self serving reasons.

By getting the college students involved in this type of brain washing, only furthers their motives, which are nothing but a way to make money for themselves. A feel good society is destroying this Country.

Steve Hertel


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom