Very sad

In reading the article titled “Christian school is being criticized over dinosaur test” in the Religion section of 5/25, I felt sad to learn there are some people who feel other people aren’t entitled to choose what they believe.

The teacher in this Christian school was called a child abuser, brainwasher and ignorant and should have her head chopped off or should die a horrible death all because she taught the children creationism in the full sense of the word.

Doesn’t our constitution say we are “endowed by our Creator with rights”, etc.?

So back then some of those men believed there was a “Creator” even though others believed in evolution. But they must have agreed to disagree in some areas. Why can’t people do that today?

I believe the whole Bible, inspired by God, is the truth. Others believe partly in creation and partly in evolution while others believe totally in evolution.

Are these differences in our beliefs something we should want to kill each other over?? It sounds like that’s how people feel from this article. How very sad!

Elaine Scott


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom