Way off base

If this Melissa Brown thinks most people are needed reminding about the First Amendment, she and people like minded are way off base.

I, for one, detest abortions and the murderers who have them but they are citizens of a country that has that freedom to choose so and there are plenty of butchers still performing abortions with out Dr.Gosnell. So if you want a abortion go on down to Philly and have your little baby’s spinal column snipped with a pair of scissors. it will be you who has to answer to God on judgment day.

However, I, and the rest of the working tax payers shouldn’t have to pay for your abortion. This, Melissa Brown and you like minded people, is not what the First Amendment is about.

Now, if you do not care to have a baby may I suggest you consider adoption or at the very least mend your wayward ways and keep your legs closed ?

George Lockett


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom