Wayward individuals

In response to Karen Choate-Bassett”s letter (“Appalled at advice”) I must say she can be appalled as much as she likes but the facts are the facts and that is abortion has nothing to do with the 2nd Amendment and visa versa.

As far as being misogynist in tone and demeaning/judgemental all I can say is if the shoe fits, wear it.

Legalized abortion is one thing, but to have the tax payers pay for it is another.

The 2nd Amendment does not say anything about tax payers footing the bill for wayward individuals who refuse to take full accountability for their behavior.

If anyone wants to be a baby killer then go ahead it’s “legal”, but they alone should pay for it and God will deal with them come judgment day.

I did not mention anything about rape or incest because the state already has provisions in the state laws for that.

In closing Ms. Karen Choate-Bassett, I AM letting God do his job, baby killers are not.

I wouldn’t try to stop him nor would I even if I could.

Unfortunately, these “wayward individuals” certainly make it difficult for him to do so.

George Lockett


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