A false truth

Responding to your “Drilling for the Truth” article, FrackNation represents the gas industry as great and wonderful. That false truth hides behind propaganda, saying or doing whatever it takes to foster their business goals. They make money while ignoring rights of citizens. Democracy has given way to Corporatocracy (control by corporations like the gas industry). Huge war chests, slanting one-directional messages are aimed at expanding their control and build more wealth by duping America. Sounds like Washington.

Gasland II exposes the truths of what is happening to our nation, economy and our people. It shows the bottom line of the corporate greed. It also illuminates acts of corporate terrorism ruining people’s lives and the land.

Your article said Gasland was screened by 625; the official count was 925. “FrackNation,” (pro-gas) attendance was 17. Gasland II attracted over 50 times more viewers. The reason: RDA’s work in the region is turning heads and attracting eyes open truth-seekers. Those attending Gasland found enthusiastic reactions and groins as to how bad it has become. People want the gas industry to come clean, they want the truth.

Why was Gasland II shown the same night? Let’s reverse the question. Why FrackNation on the same night? The gas industry is nervous about the increased citizen action.

There were numerous supportive comments supporting my belief that the tide is turning, thank you. Local issues are being tied to the national debate. Movement of gas opposition groups, like RDA and Shale Justice are being recognized by other states, by standing up for citizen’s rights. Momentum of a new reborn organization, Shale Justice has become an umbrella for many.

It was said there are two sides a story, actually that is lies and truth. You have many organizations in which you can join spread the truth. Help us to spread the truth, save Rock Run and the State Forests and Parks. Join one of the opposition groups: RDA, Shale Justice/OUE, GDAC, Frack Awareness, Interfaith Sacred Earth, Mountain Justice, Rivertown Coalition

Rich Smiith


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom