A while back, a letter stated, “If you don’t want an abortion, don’t get one.” Fair enough in the mind of the author, but look at the real facts on abortion.

Recently a Philadelphia Dr. Golden, was convicted and sentenced to life in prison for premeditated first degree murder for the killing of aborted babies born alive outside of the womb. News coverage on this trial was almost non-existent on main stream media, except for FOX News.

The Abortion Dr. Tiller, out in the midwest was shot and killed coming out of his church. Coverage of this killing was all over the media. Dr. Tiller did many late term abortions. I find it very difficult to process the difference between these two doctors. Killing a baby in the womb, or the birth canal, versus killing the baby after a breath of air a few seconds later. Use your common sense. really, is killing in the womb so different?

I would challenge anyone to watch a film of a baby in the womb during an abortion. I’m sure there are some on the intern. There are films of late term babies that appear to be trying to push the instruments away that are tearing their bodies apart. Can you imagine the pain involved in having your arms and legs pulled off or your spinal cord snipped or your head being crushed? No, you can’t sugar coat this picture. This is abortion. At what stage are their nerves active? I’ve read that over 5,000 human cells are made every second from the time of conception. How amazing is that? You can call it whatever you want: abortion, pro-choice, reproductive- justice, etc. It is what it is, the killing of babies, regardless of the stage of development. I believe it is over fifty million now since the 1972 decision.

I know, and probably so do you, that many women who have had abortions, are emotionally distressed over the past decision. Some had abortions simply because they just didn’t care to have more children. How sad.

I can understand a confused and frightened teenager without any support an not knowing what to do. I would never agree to the abortion, but I understand. There is always a better way. Not as convenient, but better in my mind. If Planned Parenthood would put their money and time into helping couples adopt instead of promoting abortions, a lot would be solved without destroying life. Many couples who want children, can’t afford the outrageous cost to adopt or have to adopt from another country. Doesn’t make sense, we destroy life that many couples want to take care of and can’t due to money and red tape.

I believe and hope that a future generation will look back on this generation with disgust and disbelief and say, “What were they thinking, killing all those babies?” This is the way I look back on previous generations concerning slavery, segregation and putting American Japanese in camps, etc. What were we thinking?

An old politician dies and we put our American flag at half-mast. If it were up to me, we would have our flag at half-mast every day for the babies being killed every day in this country.

John W. Leisenring