In reference to Mr. Reeder’s “more whine” article. I have read with amusement your many rants and diatribes of how and why the conservatives” aka Tea Party” are the main problem with society today. The conservatives don’t understand how government works, they want people to have no health care, they don’t care about the environment, etc.

Mr. Reeder, please enlighten me as to how a country that is $17 trillion dollars in debt, and growing, has a constantly growing government and no perceivable fiscal policy can possibly continue to exist. Since you are so educated on how society works, please explain how as we are in the area of 50 percent of the people supporting the rest of the people that we continue down this path.

Welfare, in its origins was designed, as was Social Security as a safety net. A hand up during lean times. Now it has become a way of life for many and has so many loop holes to keep and allow people to stay in the program the that it is unsustainable. In the recent past another company (Springs Window Fashions) was closed and the manufacturing went to Mexico courtesy of NAFTA (your man Bill).

This widespread bureaucracy that you so admire has attacked many companies such as Gibson Guitar, Apple and more on fairly frivolous grounds and lets the ” Jobs Tzars company (GE) get away without paying any taxes and getting a refund in the millions. Also the Jobs Tzar has not held a meeting in over a year.

Please explain how by destroying the American coal industry, vastly limiting oil and natural gas exploration and expansion how we as a nation will be better off. Oh, that’s right Solindra, OOPS. Yes sir I understand that conservatives just want to kill the planet, dirty air, water etc.

In closing, with the government controlling GM and Chrysler, an unlimited amount of scandals, the loss of liberties, loss of jobs, and the borders sealed up as tight as a screen door, I have to admit sir, we conservatives do not understand government as well as you, so please explain it to us, in laymans terms, so us dullards can understand.

Kenneth Berninger


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom