Angry protest

I want to begin this newsletter with an angry protest.

The IRS has to be stopped! As the founder of the Mansfield Tea Party, the government will not be intimidate or stop us from righting the wrongs of our governments.

Nor will I believe that “We the People” cannot make a difference. When people believe that their vote, or voice, does not matter, then they are easily intimidated and the government has won control over the citizens of this great nation.

I implore the members of every great organization to speak out to those naysayers and explain how we do make a difference.

One person did not build the United States of America. It began with many and they fought hard to keep this nation free. Today all citizens of the United States of America must stand up and fight, non-violently, with our voices, protests and votes.

When disagreeing or wanting a change in our government(s) then we must speak up and not be afraid that they will put us down or try to stop us, such as the IRS thought they could do.

We need to be together hand and hand, arm ad arm, and shout out “You are wrong” and We the People of this great nation will not tolerate it!

Ida M Temple


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom