I would like to express profound appreciation for the faithful service of Rev. Rick Jones and Rev. Kerry Aucker to the Jersey Shore area community. Rev. Jones is the Pastor of Jersey Shore Area Assembly of God in Antes Fort, and has served as President of the Jersey Shore Area Ministerium for the past seventeen years. Rev. Aucker is the Pastor of Saint John Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jersey Shore, and has served as Treasurer of the Ministerium for the past thirteen years. Together they have helped lead area churches in joint ministry to provide worship services for Manor Care residents, provide chaplain care at Jersey Shore Hospital, lead Bible studies at the Senior Center, serve those in need through the Love Center, represent our community at United Churches, work with the YMCA to host a Children’s Fall Festival, and provide community worship services for Christian unity, Good Friday, the National Day of Prayer, Memorial Day, High School Baccalaureate, Town Meeting, Veterans Day, and Thanksgiving. As they pass the torch on in their ministerium positions we give thanks to God for their many years of faithful service in Christ’s name to our community.

Charlie Winkelman

Jersey Shore