Barack W. Bush

I can’t stand the hypocrisy of both the right and the left on the recent NSA revelations. Let’s see, during the Bush years, liberals were terrified of warrantless wiretaps and E-mail surveillance. Meanwhile, Conservatives loved it more than if Tim Tebow and George Zimmerman had a kid.

In 2013, the positions have generally reversed. Either you’re for it or against it. Has the fate of this country seriously come down to whether or not we want to have a beer with the Commander ‘n Chief?

Now, I admit, if we must live in this Orwellian scenario, I reluctantly trust President Obama more than, for instance, President Ted Cruz. After all, one was literally born in a foreign country and the other is President Obama.

However, I don’t care who’s in charge. This hyper-security state is wrong. It violates my personal privacy, breaches the 4th amendment, and I’m afraid the NSA will tell the wife about my account on

Bottom line: Obama must be held accountable for proclaiming the “war on terror” must end. It has helped nobody except the military-industrial complex. If anybody should be mad at Obama, it’s liberals, because he has solidified the policies of the traitors we know as Bush/Cheney.

You think this abuse of power is scary now? It’s scary no matter who’s in office. But, I rue the day we give it to some Tea Party nut so they can drone strike a gay pride parade.

Michael Sullivan


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom