Beyond the pale

In the Community section of your paper “Share the story,” a Mr. Shaman was granted his right of free speech regarding Brig. Gen. Francis Hendricks recently appointed President of Mansfield University. As a retired faculty member of the university and a proud American, I find the remarks made by him to be beyond the pale!

He obviously is an uninformed, ignorant, mean spirited individual who has nothing more to do with his meanless life than to spew disparaging remarks about someone he knows nothing about, and a university which certainly he knows nothing about or its selection process for its leadership. To say his statements are inane, imbecilic and serve no purpose merely enables his moronic ramblings.

It is a shame that his comments can be presented without any basis in fact. Yes, Brig. Gen. Hendricks did spend 5 years supervising the retail arm of the military, but what about the rest of his career? No value?

The university values leadership in whatever form it presents itself. While at the university Brigadier Gen. Hendricks demonstrated his leadership as president of his fraternity, president of the student body, and after graduation, joined the military and obviously rose to the rank of Brig. General through hard work, intelligence and leadership.

Please understand gross negatives put in print need to be addressed. I feel sorry for Mr Shaman who must lead a very negative, opinionated life.

Francis Kollar


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom