Change policy

Several years ago I attempted to place some brochures for an outfitter that was starting up on Pine Creek in the Visitors Bureau in Williamsport. I was informed that the business was not a member of the chamber of commerce and therefore could not leave the material there.

Now I am finding out that the Visitors bureau is run by tax money. Does that mean the Chamber of Commerce uses the Visitor’s Bureau to get millions of dollars in tax money and they only benefit the chamber members?

According to what I am reading in the Sun-Gazette, our county commissioners say they have no problem with this?

It appears the Chamber is getting tax money to support tourism but is only spending it on what their members want it for.

The tourism board should receive the monies and spend it to help all business, not just the chamber member businesses. That way there would be no appearance of any group co-mingling funds for dishonest reasons.

Perhaps someone should ask the Attorney General to step in and ascertain why non-chamber member businesses cannot be serviced by the Tourism and visitor’s when they are funded by tax money.

Raymond Hartman


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom