Change priorities

I so enjoyed the concise accurate statement of a Sun-Gazette reader in response to “Tattoo Artist Helps Clients Profess Faith” article.

The accuracy of the interpretation of Leviticus 19:28, “Do not tattoo your body. I am Lord” is perfect.

What I found really fun is the telling line, “I did not read the whole article”.

I wonder if the reader read the whole Bible, The Old Testament and The New Testament, in whatever interpretation they favored.

I wonder if the reader read Leviticus 19:27, about shaving. I wonder if the reader buys razor blades for their significant other to shave the hairs from their face. I wonder if the reader likes shrimp, does any farming, gets a fair price for there daughter when trying to sell her? I wonder if the reader finds it ok to stone a person in the center of town for not following the Laws of the Old Testament.

This reader is surely using the Bible to let us know that tattooing is wrong and God does not approve, and obviously the reader does not either. Why else would they take their time to find the ONE line in Leviticus that supports their view.

When did this reader become the one to judge the quick and the dead, when did they take the seat to the right hand of the Father? Who put this reader in charge of interpreting the righteousness of someone else’s demonstration of devotion to any religious belief?

I am going to start picking out single lines in the bible to profess my love of the Trinity and use these lines to prove to other people that what they are doing is wrong, and my way is the right and only way.

I am now declaring myself “Supreme Being”…..everyone else seems to being lining up to take the job God gave to Jesus, why not me?

I know why, because I am a sinner. Jesus took the cross to provide me salvation. I never read anywhere that he took the cross so that I could judge someone else’s right to salvation.

If we spend a little less time trying to prove how other people are not “good Christians” and just start being the best Christian we can be, we might start liking each other, just a lil’ bit…

Lori Burke


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom