Coal industry siege

The Obama Administration seems intent on destroying the coal industry in America an industry that provides almost half of the nation`s power. Using the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the administration has whittled away an industry that has proud roots in Pennsylvania going back hundreds of years, and I am extremely concerned that the most recent proposal by the EPA could be the end of the coal industry in the United States. The EPA is using the Clean Air Act as its weapon and it intends to issue New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) on all fossil-fuel electric plants. The regulation will force coal-fired plants to meet unrealistic emission standards that will endanger reliable and affordable electricity for Pennsylvania`s residents. Dirty air or low rates is not the choice we have; we can have coal plants and care for the environment. This is evident in new coal plants that have lower emissions that are 70 to 90 percent cleaner than the plants they replace, and progress is being made on near-zero emission levels. However this technology takes time to develop, and until then the EPA should amend the NSPS and come to the table with industry leaders for a compromise solution that keeps utility prices and environmental impact as low as possible. The President claims his energy policy is “all of the above” the actions of his EPA appears to exclude coal from “all”. That would be a mistake for Pennsylvania and all of the United States.

Vincent J. Matteo


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom