Last week, Montoursville graduated and my grandson was not allowed to walk with his class because he is homeschooled. Now he has taken classes in the afternoon at the school he wrestled and played his heart out in football for the school. Last summer when it was so hot he went every morning to football practice. The school should be ashamed to deny him the right to walk with the class and his friends. Seems to me like the school discriminates against homeschooled kids. I can see if they have no contact with the school but in this case they deserved to walk with the class.

This is my second grandson who went there in the afternoon and played football and wrestled for the school that was denied this right. Graduation is something to be proud of and you always remember it and they will have no memories thanks to Montoursville and there snooty rules. You wonder what is wrong with kids today and why so many school shootings when stuff like this happens to good hard working kids. All I can say is thanks Montoursville for denying a hard working kid from his memories of graduating.

Nancy J. Mihalo


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom