Back in March of 2012 I wrote an LTE about the way our government was doing things seemingly without the best interests of its citizens. At that time there weren’t the scandals of today, probably because an election was coming up and the so-called mainstream media was doing its best to re-elect the President. Yes, I know, but the President wasn’t vetted by them like, let’s say, Sarah Palin. So now “the cat is out of the bag” and every day it seems we have a new scandal, whether started by President Bush or President Obama.

Does it really matter who initiated the spying on American Citizens? We now can be arrested for no reason, detention and imprisonment for an indefinite period, and assassination without due process. We have drones spying on us overhead, phone calls and e-mails intercepted and stored, and officials and their underlings giving testimony to Congress with no fear of perjury or punishment. I stand corrected; punishment is administrative leave with pay, a.k.a. vacation.

I am sickened by the pompous posturing of officials who express surprise at the latest scandal, “having just read it in the news, feigning outrage, and telling the electorate that they will do everything possible to see that it won’t happen again”. The only problem is they were the ones who OK’d the law-breaking. Of course we need new laws to re-enforce the ones that weren’t even enforced to begin with. Academy Awards for all!

As we try to remember D-Day, I feel sorry for all the WWII seniors alive now, seeing the country they fought to preserve, while watching their friends being killed and wounded on foreign shores, only to now watch this great country being taken over by these young upstarts (to them) and turned into an Authoritarian State. I pray that God, not the death panels of Obamacare, will give them the peace they’ve earned.

And I ask again, where are the Democrats standing against these unconstitutional policies of this administration? Are they without conscience? Did they not grow up in a country that guaranteed their freedoms under the protection of the very Constitution that they are not now “protecting from enemies, foreign and domestic..”? I can only ask, “Why have you broken your Oath”? “Why have you deserted your country”? Are the rewards of Evil worth your soul? Are you an American, or do you just play one in elected office?

Gregory Weigle

South Williamsport

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom


I was disappointed with Mayor Campana’s comment following the jury verdict in the city police officer’s illegal seizure of the Little League baseball pins.

In my opinion, his remarks are an insult to the intelligence of the jury pool who spent many, many hours listening to testimony. Once again, the police department failed to follow its own rules and regulations which certainly leads to the credibility that, in their own minds, they are above the law. In this case their actions proved it…where are those missing pins, anyway?

I whole heartedly support all members of every police force who, for the most part, do their best to serve, protect and keep us safe but the testimony in this case was offensive to read.

Wake up, Mayor Campana, stop blindly endorsing the actions of all when it is apparent there still needs to be some internal house cleaning done in the police department.

Evoyn Snook

Trout Run

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom