Hopefully, both liberals and conservatives will agree on this issue. It will save taxpayer dollars. The recent fugitive of the law, who tried to run down police, claimed he could not afford his bipolar medication. Taxpayers will pay for his medications while he is imprisoned. From the looks of his picture, it can be inferred that he worked outside at a labor job. He had a tan line where he wore a hat and he was covered in dirt. Landscaping may have been his trade. The shame in all this is that a hard working man was not able to afford his medication. People on disability and welfare get medication for next to no price at all. Where is the incentive to work? This man will be incarcerated for years. This may have been prevented if he had his medication. It costs more to incarcerate an individual than have them on disability. Especially when the inmate is on medication. Will conservatives and liberals see eye to eye on this? I hope so.

Michael Shulski


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom