Disquieting decree

Pennsylvania has come a long way over the years in providing a pro-growth business atmosphere that has made our manufacturers more efficient and globally competitive, and the future looks bright. However this future is not guaranteed and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) could be the reason.

The EPA has whittled away at the coal industry in America, through excessive and unnecessary regulation, but I dread that their latest proposal could make the entire industry extinct. Using the Clean Air Act, the EPA intends to issue New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) regulations on all new coal-based electric power plants, requiring them to reach unrealistic standards that will effectively shut them down. Nearly half of Pennsylvania`s electricity is powered by this fossil fuel, endangering the social norm of affordable and reliable electricity.

Furthermore, the NSPS will halt new construction of coal-fired plants and prevent existing facilities from making upgrades to improve efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint.

The EPA`s new decree could cause higher electric bills and fewer jobs, dimming the bright light of Pennsylvania`s economic future – it is appalling. NSPS must be amended, and the EPA needs to find a more reasonable solution for environmental protection that doesn’t cause economic and social pains for the nation and in Pennsylvania.

Bob Brobson


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom