Faulty premise

Regarding the world’s wealth redistribution via Climate Change: I simply refute the selective evidence submitted by one of your other commentators on the issue of global warming. That commentator didn’t fully advise us on how many climatologists he referrenced in his assertion. He had numbers and percentages for the scientists of USA only.

If the issue is global warming, then he should use his self-proclaimed talents or skills as an organizer and get all of the facts, or as many as possible. I am not a man of many titles as he professes, just someone who enjoys reading and studying.

The most interesting statements to consider are from 1992 first Earth Climate Summit held in Rio de Jeniero, Brazil, where the organizer of that first-ever Earth Climate Summit admitted in his opening statement, that they would use the climate change agenda to redistribute the world’s wealth.

John Nile Updegraff


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom