Global warming? Not

Man-made global warming again, Mr. Manello? You have to come up with something better. You say that you’re haven’t studied, researched (hands-on), or are qualified to speak on climatology, yet you get an op-ed piece printed. You ask if our world is warming. You go to the go-to people. You say that 30,000 American scientists signed a petition attacking the scientific conclusions underlying international efforts to control emissions yada yada yada. You go on to say that there are about 12,000,000 scientists in the U.S. and that these 30,000 represent just .0025% of all U.S. scientists. But, you offer no breakdown regarding the fields of study of the 12,000,000 or the 30,000. If all scientists are included, how many are really climatologists?

Well, in a recent report, 97% of climatologists said they believe in man-made global warming.

Why is it that liberals always “know”, and any who disagree with their agendas are “attacking”. What makes liberals so smart, and the rest of us so dumb that we have to have every facet of our lives controlled? Ah. Control. I guess that says it all. You still haven’t mentioned what you or any of our vaunted climatologists and liberal do-gooders are doing personally to stop contributing to “man-made” global warming. Have you yet given up your cars, boats, planes, power lawn mowers, central air conditioning, and all the other conveniences?

Michael Haas


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom