Regarding the Andrew’s Walk article, this is in response to “Living with a disability,” letter to the editor, and all the comments that were made relating to it on line: I am his mother and I know Andrew the best. The comments that were made by my husband about Andrew are very true. He functions at one year old mentally.

Sure, we will dress him up for the prom but he will cognitively not get it. He will have no idea what the experience is about. Yes, he will go through high school and go through the graduation ceremony but he will have no concept of what is going on.

You have no idea what our son can or can not do. You took my husband’s comments out of context. Andrew can not do one thing for himself. Besides that, he has medical issues that weren’t posted in the paper. He is included in everything that our family does unless it poses a safety risk. Andrew is our hero and is taken care of like a piece of fine china.

You are trying to belittle a heartwrenching experience for all those elementary students that learned a lesson about special needs. Because of Andrew, they will continue to respect others like him the rest of their lives. People like you try to take the good out of everything, but in this case you can’t because we won’t let it happen!

Amy Kriebel

South Williamsport

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom