It takes both

Montgomery students can play games on their iPads but they can’t have a Track and Field Day.

Once again it seems we are encouraging our children to sit on their butts instead of getting up and getting some form of exercise.

A motion was put on the floor at the latest school board meeting to have a Track and Field Day for the 7th and 8th graders at Montgomery.

Not one school board member would second the motion.


What is your problem with students having some fun at the end of the year?

I know many of you did not attend Montgomery as students but this has been a tradition for many years.

All students are required to participate in at least one event.

I know this could be considered torture for some students but for others its a chance to achieve something they might have never thought possible.

Imagine how “Susie” felt for getting a first place ribbon for throwing a softball further than anyone else, surprising even herself. Maybe “Tommy” beat the most athletic boy in his class at the 100 yard dash.

You are not even giving these students the opportunity to try. Yet, we give them the ability to play games on their iPads.

But that’s right, this feature is turned off when visiting schools come to view how the iPads are working at Montgomery. Come on, it’s about time to encourage physical fitness as well as academic achievement.

It takes both to make a well rounded individual and become a team member in the future work place.

Darlene Bower


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom