Objectivity tarnished

How does the Sun-Gazette determine that Captain Ray Kontz tarnished his badge? He took the action that he thought was right and was sued because of it. A federal jury listened intently to the testimony, according to the plaintiffs attorney, and they believed what he told them rather than what the defense told him. Jury pools today are totally contaminated by television and other media outlets so that most insurance companies will settle a case rather than go to court even when they fully believe they are right.

Some police officers in this country do tarnish their badges by greed but that was not the case here. I have known Captain Kontz for many years, although we are not nor have we ever been close friends, and I know him to be a good police officer who is always ready to do the job to the best of his ability and has probably put his life on the line, along with many Williamsport officers.

To say he tarnished his badge because of a civil suit tarnished the objectivity of the Sun-Gazette staff who wrote that headline.

Raymond Hartman


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom