Poor brainstorm

Well, the “Powers That Be” had this brainstorm of closing our post office processing facility and move things to Harrisburg. How do you think this is working out? Not! We have always received our mail, on main street Loyalsock Township, no later than 5 p.m. On June 3 our poor carrier was delivering at seven minutes to 8 p.m. It was almost dark and he still had a bunch of mail to deliver. Why so late? From what I understand (and not from the carrier) the truck from Harrisburg was 2 hours late on Monday and it was 1 hour late on Sunday.

I understand some businesses in the area did not even get their Monday mail because they closed. Called the Reach Road Post Office on Tuesday morning and came to find out that the postal carriers now are carrying flashlights to get through the darkness. And if that is not bad enough, some of the carriers did not even get back to Reach Road until 10 p.m. on Monday night. I was told I had to call Harrisburg to lodge a complaint.

So, I did. The girl who answered, I told her I had a complaint and that I was from Williamsport and she never said “hold on”, “have to transfer you”, nothing. She rudely just put my call to another extension. I expressed to the next woman how rude the previous person was and she was noting that. I expressed my complaint – told her Williamsport is not safe to be delivering mail after dark, at late hours because of the violence that has been occurring. Also, carriers have to carry not only the mail but flashlights and still try to make deliveries. The 2nd woman was very nice she filed the complaint and I received a case number.

I suggest that everyone make this phone call and complain. You will get a prompt-recording just go for customer service and representative. We need to band together to get our processing facility back because it has become very apparent that Harrisburg cannot handle the volume. We found this out our one day local mail/delivery went to three days. Do not sit back and let this continue.

Alesandria (Sandy) Hughes


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom