Pork City

Is Williamsport becoming a city of pork? I understand that city council is hiring a consulting firm to look into and explore ways of getting more grant money from the government to help cover costs of overspending and building a dream city.

Of all the money the city spends trying to build a dream city, there are very few programs for the kids.

Closing schools, swimming pools and parks, but building hotels, conference centers, restaurants, doesn’t sound like much of a dream city to me.

The city leaders went out and got a semi-pro hockey team to come and play in Williamsport, and after turning Bowman Field into a skating rink, the hockey team didn’t make enough money to cover expenses and they folded. Now we are stuck with a $36,000 electric bill the city taxpayers will most probably get stuck with paying that bill. What a waste of time and money. I don’t understand why the city of Williamsport does not try to live within its means. This is not New York City.

Al Mills